Saturday, April 2, 2022


      Today was the first time I went birding with the group since Nov. of 2020. We had 13 birders. It was a treat to get out with people and bird together.

      We went to a site that is very good bird habitat. Half of it is old growth never been logged forest. With so many old trees we find many woodpeckers and one day saw four species.  The black backed woodpecker is very hard to see but we've seen them in this area. The brown creeper is also hard to spot but we were lucky enough to see a pair in breeding season and watch them chase each other around the tree. 

      Today we saw 19 species and 4 other species that we could not identify. A real treat was to have two flocks of swans fly over. Another treat was to see an owl on the nest with owlets. 

     Many species are just beginning to return to the north. Water species like swans, geese and ducks are here. Crows are also back but the song birds have not arrived. We saw one tree sparrow today but they are early migrants. 

     It's good to be birding after two years. So you say, "Where are the photos?" I alternate between field glasses and camera as I don't like to carry very much. So maybe next week end I'll have a few photos.