Thursday, September 5, 2019


    My neighbor S has been handicapped since the age of seven when she had a major head injury.   She is now about 50. Her left arm dangles and does not move at all. Her left leg is also limited but she is able to walk quite well. She is also able to drive.

    Here people in S's condition get what is called AISH and it's supposed to be enough to live on. You are allowed to make a small amount above the AISH. S lives with her Mom but is involved in quite a few things.

    S is a competent baby sitter. She volunteers at a number of places. She's also a pretty good bottle picker.

    S is very happy and always cheerful.

    She helps a senior citizen in a care home with a few things. The other day while helping the senior S tripped and fell and severely injured the right shoulder. She's in the hospital and has had a plate installed to put things back together.

    Now here's the problem. With no arms what can you do? Try eating? Try putting on your clothes? Try going to the bathroom. You got it . You are helpless. 

   Now I have to ask myself how unlucky S can get. She's a cheerful person and always willing to help. When her mother is away S will cut the grass even though her mother tells her not to because of safety. 

   They are going to get some home care until she gets some use of her right arm.

    Knowing S, as I do, she will bounce back.