Sunday, October 30, 2011

My First Day on Skype

        For those of you who follow Hiawatha House you will know that Red is somewhat challenged when it comes to all things technological. I have told you that I had a digital watch for twenty five years before I learned to set it. I struggled with my new ipod last year. I don't set the timer on my DVD. Some day I'm going to have to down load a podcast? I missed Sunday Morning today and it was a good show. How am I going to hear it if I don't download a podcast?

       Now some people will be saying, "What in the world is wrong with Red if he can't do these simple technological things." If you look at my birthday post you will get part of the answer.

      Three years ago my brother said I should get Skype. He had all the reasons why it would be great to have Skype. I understood all his reasons. But I still thought about it . For my birthday this year my daughter gave me a webcam. HINT, HINT. So I knew she was getting a webam and wanted to talk to Mom and Dad on Skype. The webcam  had  a disk to download. That went fine. I set up a Skype account. That was pretty hit and miss but I got it done. I've never had my sound working properly on this computer so I wanted to fix that before going on Skype.

     This morning we phoned my daughter for her birthday. Then she said lets try to get on Skype. She added me as a contact as we hadn't done that before. I added her as a contact. She clicked something and there she was . I clicked something and there I was at her place in Chicago. We talked for an an hour and a half. My wife thought it was absolutely fabulous as she was really wowed by speaking and seeing the image at the same time.

     So here I am a veteran of one call on Skype! I have much more to learn but I'm sure I'll get to it. Now I just have to catch up to the guy who told me to get Skype in the first place.