Thursday, June 2, 2016

Congratulations Miss Courtney

      One of my hard working neighbors across the street has reached a  very important milestone. Courtney has just finished her nursing degree after four years of hard work.

     So congratulations Courtney. Have a great career.  I'm sure you'll make a fine nurse.

     Now years of hard work have to go into succeeding at a nursing program. Courtney was a hard working and competitive student all through her public school experience. Courtney had to get "A" and she did.

    Many people who succeed in degree programs have special challenges. Courtney has her special challenge that made it harder to achieve her goal but also gave her a big incentive.

     Courtney has neurofibromatosis (NF). What's that you say? I've never heard of it. I had never heard of neurofibromatosis either  until Courtney decided to go public with her condition.  Courtney decided that she would publicize the condition so that people would be aware of it and that there would be support for people with NF.

     NF is a nasty condition of many faces. Courtney writes a blog on NF. I will let you read about NF from Courtney's blog. She's excellent at explaining NF. Many doctors are like the general public and have never heard of NF so Courtney has had to do a lot of research on the condition and educate many a doctor.

    So as well as getting a nursing degree, Courtney has had a life altering condition that she's had to face. So along with headaches, constant worry about what NF will do next she's met with success.

    Take a look at her blog and find out what NF is. By the way , she's an excellent writer.