Sunday, July 14, 2019


   I live in an area that is known as hailstorm alley. That is we get a higher than average number of hailstorms in a summer.

   Thunder storms come off the Rockies and hail is formed along the way so that by the time it gets to a rough line between Calgary and Red Deer , hail has formed in the cloud.

    Hail damage is so severe in this area that hail suppression projects have been developed. Airplanes fly into the tops of the storms before the get too big and spread silver iodide into the tops of the clouds at a rate of 10 grams per minute and dangerous hail doesn't form quite so often. Hail insurance companies pay for this project as it prevents some of the huge losses that insurance companies have to pay because of hail damage.

    This afternoon when I was out I saw a number of thunderstorms form. I also heard the airplanes flying from the top of one cloud to the top of the other. The planes and pilots are suited for flying on top of thunderstorms. You hear airplanes but don't see them except for today as I saw them.

    So this afternoon I watched thunderstorms form. It was difficult to photograph and it was very bright. I did get some cloud photos.

    Now I did get a couple of aircraft photos. This is the first time I've ever seen the planes.

    So no cropping on these photos. These shots were taken blind . I just pointed and hoped I'd get something.