Monday, August 13, 2018


    My Dad was born in 1912. So in 1932 he was 20 years old and we all know what was going on in 1932. The great depression had been going for more than 2 years by that time. My dad did a lot of couch surfing and did many day jobs to earn his keep as he used to say.

     My Dad started farming in 1935 with no money. So Dad's favorite place to shop was at farm auction sales. He bought furniture, dishes, tools , machinery , cows  horses and much more. The stuff he bought had seen better days.

      So Dad was used to second hand. When the 50's came he had enough money for new things but his head was still in the value of used things.

       Dad had his own auction sale in 1974. The prices were great and he was happy until he found out the bids were high because his stuff had antique value. He was a little insulted. We kind of laughed at Dad behind his back. He was the kind of man who would have given things away.

      Now when garage sales came along Dad was in his element. He could always find something to buy on a garage sale.  He spent 20 winters in Phoenix so had lots of garage sales .

       So here I am trying to get rid of my treasures. We've found that antique stores will by some things...actually a lot of things!  I wish Dad would be here to get a chuckle because some of my possessions are going as antiques.

       Some of the things are old as the Micro Manager has received them from her family. She has dishes from a great grandma. Some things have antique value for what they are. We had hand made moccasins, kamiks and mukluks. Some of these things are used for decorations.

       The antique store bought my reel to reel tape recorder for 50 bucks and managed to sell it for $200.00

      So son like father I guess