Tuesday, May 2, 2017


      Medical tests seem to be constantly changing. The tests themselves can change. The type of measurement changes. The stats for normal and so on change. The times the tests are needed changes.

     Al is scheduled for an annual check up. Tests are done before the check up. Al noticed that there was not a cholesterol test on the requisition form. He decided to check with his physician to see if he forgot to order cholesterol testing. Al was informed that for seniors the cholesterol test is done once every three years. They have found that senior's cholesterol levels change very little unless they gain lots of weight or develop diabetes. 

    Cholesterol scales have changed over the years. The list of foods containing high cholesterol has been changing. At one time eggs were a no no. Acceptable cholesterol levels have been changing. 

    Now what's going to happen to all the people who have been taking anti cholesterol medication?  Why were they taking it? 

    I think research has been discovering that cholesterol and foods high in cholesterol are not as crucial as once thought. 

    One test that I didn't like was the stool test for occult blood. The test has changed to be much simpler and easier. Again they do the  less occult blood tests  unless the   patient has  certain conditions.

    As a senior, I take very few concoctions. I wish they would further cut medications for seniors.