Monday, July 8, 2019


     Do you ever get frazzled? What frazzles you? How do you manage being frazzled?

     Well today was a frazzling good day around here.

     I must note that some people handle these stresses much differently than others.

     The Micro Manager had very carefully arranged to have her new dishwasher delivered today. They were to phone her before they delivered. She got up at 6:00 AM to prepare the house for this delivery. She really thought she'd get a phone call a few minutes after 8. Well, no call at 8. No call at 9. What should she do. Finally she phoned the store at 9:30 AM only to find out that somehow or other her dishwasher had been taken off the delivery list. Well, that would make anybody mad. The store said they'd see what could be done.

    About the same time the hearing aide place called and wanted to change my appointment for tomorrow just after we told the appliance store that we had an appointment tomorrow and couldn't take delivery of the dishwasher tomorrow.

    The Micro Manager decided to phone our Credit Union as I'd read in the paper that it was closing. They were very unimpressive. We were supposed to get a letter and a phone call about the closing and we had received nothing. To top it all of the two people she talked to were underwhelming. They didn't seem to get it that this was an important matter to us.

    Just before lunch the appliance store phoned and said they could deliver about 1:00 PM. By this time the Micro manager was right off her game. She had reasons to be upset. 

     Needless to say , the Micro Manager was frazzled. 

    Tomorrow is anther day. Nothing is on the agenda here. I wonder what could sail in from way out there?