Friday, January 21, 2022


       This past year I think many people have begun to take climate change seriously. Things have happened that are making a big impact on our daily lives. 

      My neighbor province of British Columbia , Canada, has suffered this year. You know , the beautiful province with mountain scenery and forests.  This summer they had major forest fires for most of the summer. Homes and businesses were  lost. High temperature records were made. I live in the province to the west , Alberta, and we had heavy smoke for a good part of the summer. 

       This winter British Columbia has had torrential rain and major flooding. The major highway was washed out in many places. The two railroads were also damaged. 

      This is one place and it had some very obvious changes and they don't want any more. 

       Just this year we had a major conference on climate change. You know, the conferences that do nothing! Plans and promises are made but nothing happens to control warming. Most of these plans involve the big guys. Big business. Big industry. Big government. They all look after themselves to make it look like they are doing something when all the time they are creating more schemes to line their pockets. Carbon tax? Carbon trading? These are games to funnel money around.

     Individuals have to do their part. Maybe that will bring about change. One thing I would like to suggest is that we have rationing. Let's say rationing on gasoline. Rations that would influence enough so that people would have to drive less and drive smaller cars. At times my neighbor across the street has five vehicles. Two of them are large trucks. This guy drives to Tim Hortons to get a coffee. He makes a special trip to the store for smokes. If we had rationing this guy wouldn't be able to get gas to drive those vehicles. 

    So it's just an idea I throw out . We have to get on climate change sooner than later.