Thursday, August 25, 2016

Do Your Research , Red

      In my previous post about the fish, I was missing some information. That information was supplied very quickly after I posted  My former colleague, Rae informed me that this was a combination art and science project. It's called artist in residence. For the whole week this artist takes over the art and science classes. At the end of the week they have many colorful fish and have learned about water and fish.

     Schools here are on a school based budget.They have money for special projects so they bring people or groups in for  week for a special project.

     My son's very best girl told me there was one of these projects at a school she is familiar with and another person reported seeing a streams mural on a school fence.

     So the next time I had better do more research when I post on one of my discoveries or I could just say that I learned much more by doing the post.

    Now do some of you have a Streams mural at your school?