Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cold Front

     Yesterday was a very pleasant warm September day. I hurried to get some jobs done that didn't get done earlier. The wooden shed got cleaned. Everybody has a wooden shed! Just at the end of the shed cleaning the shop vac told me it was full so I had to replace the bag. Edging got done. It was a busy afternoon. 

     Listening to the forecast I realized that a cold front and showers were on the way.

     It was still nice at 6:30 PM so I did my 20 km(12.5 mi) bike ride. 10 minutes from the end of the bike ride there were a few gusts of wind. By the time I got to the house the gusts were of a higher velocity with a steady wind.

    Light was still good so I thought I'd get  few photos of fall colors. By the time I got out the wind was wild. The cold front was moving through the area.

    So I got some photos but not exactly what I had in mind. I got shots of trees blowing in the wind. Leaves were also blowing above the trees.
    By about 10:30 the front had gone through and it was calm again.

    Not all shots showed the front so many were deleted.

This was a throw away shot into the sun. When I looked at it I could see the leaves whirling above the trees. Enlarge it.

Ominous cloud

Clouds building up.

Ragged scowling clouds.