Saturday, May 9, 2009


     Another habitat and another bird discovery . Today we went to a small lake with natural habitat around it . There is a ridge to the west of the lake which is covered with poplar and has a private 7 hole golf course which provides grass and lots of brushy edges . The lake is about 80 acres and the trees and grass probably cover a 100 acres.

     Although there was a brisk wind , the sun warmed us as the temperature varied from 5 to 8 C.

     15 birders attended today and were treated by the hostess after the walk to a pancake breakfast . This number gave us a good mix of experience and learners . All benefit and learn as some describe identities to new learners . Questions from new birders make experienced birders think and consult their guide books.

     The house and yard are set up with various feeders and waterers and bird baths so there are many birds taking advantage of the facilities. From the deck of the house there is a constant stream of chickadees , white crowned sparrows and red winged blackbirds.

     The lake was a disappointment as the bright sun shining in our eyes prevented us from detecting any color . However many geese were easy to spot by their size and shape .

     For further effort we walked the seven golf fairways and were treated to robins , brewers blackbird , tree swallows , crows , red tailed hawk, yellow rumped warbler , downy woodpecker and white throated sparrow. Many of these birds are in full song so the sounds were pleasant and aided in finding and identifying the birds.