Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red Deer River Naturalists Develop Alberta Bird Trail

         This winter Red Deer River Naturalists(RDRN) have been hard at work developing an Alberta bird trail. We decided to develop the bird trail in stages. This year we have materials ready for a bird trail which is within the city limts of Red Deer Alberta. We have had maps prepared for eight good birding sites within the city. Each map shows the features of an area with trails, facilities and brief description of birds which may be seen. So birders can get the material and decide which area they would like to spend some time exploring.

        Next year we will produce materials which will describe birding sites around Red Deer . We are hopeful that groups in Calgary and Edmonton will produce materials featuring birding sites within the cities and in the surrounding areas. Thus the name Alberta Bird Trail.
       Our pamphlets will be on tourist sites shortly. We will also have these maps on our website It may be a few weeks before the first maps appear on the website. There is also an email address on the website so if you have questions you can email us for more details.

This is the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary which is a fine example of one of the sites we feature. There are two oxbow lakes with three viewing decks and 3-4 km of walking trails.

         We hope that people will use the Alberta Bird Trail and enjoy finding and watching some fine Alberta birds.