Monday, July 31, 2017


     That we have a crisis in world leadership is no secret.

     Too many leaders seem to be in the position for all the wrong reasons.  Too many leaders are in the game for power. They like the personal power. They have biases that they wish to pursue. Very few seem to get it that they are to serve the population and see that the country's resources benefit the people of the state. Very few leaders seem to think that they should be nice and cooperate with other world leaders so that we have peace and prosperity.

     There are so many good and pleasant things for leaders to do that one wonders why it's not done.

     World events in the last week or ten days have got me thinking about leadership and how warped it has become.

     It's hard to understand why North Korea is so desperately worried that they are unsafe and will be attacked unless it's used by the leader to hold and consolidate power. Saber rattling makes for many very unhappy neighbors.

    The weekend's election in Venezuela doesn't look like there will be any positive outcome for a long time. Once opposition leaders are being killed it doesn't look promising.

   The situation in Turkey seems to be going from bad to worse. Again somebody is dreadfully afraid that he might lose power so the laws are changed so that it's easier to hold power.

    President Trump seems to have very little inclination to help the American people. Well, he makes claims that he will help them but nothing much has happened or will happen. Trump is too tied up in other issues which are not on the agenda of helping American people. Trump has many other world leaders worried. As a Canadian, I know I'm worried.

     I haven't mentioned the insane situation in Syria.

    Now I've used five examples that took place in the recent past. There are many more very ineffective world leaders.

    What has happened that we have world leaders with so little capacity to see that they are to serve the people?