Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Hissy Fit

      Hissy fit was a term originally applied to adults who had a tantrum. Today it is a more general term and applied to all ages. I hate to see hissy fits period. It doesn't matter what age has a tantrum it's a very sad performance. People become very irrational and don't listen to anyone or anything. 

     So the other day I had to deal with a hissy fit.

     I'm the administrator of a small face book page for the Red Deer River Naturalists. The page was set up as an exchange of information and photos on anything to do with natural history. There are now close to 2000 excellent photos on the page. It's a closed group so you have to be approved by the administrator. Wow! We don't want hookers any other sales people.  So keep it to the topic.

     Yesterday, an information piece  comparing the Alberta Tar Sands to Mordor was posted. Somebody got in a flap and claimed this post wasn't suitable for the face book page. Very quickly others piled on this person and defended the Tars Sands piece.

     The complainant reported the post to the!  What do I do? There's a big bar across the page saying that there was a complaint about a post. I didn't want this negative info on the front page.

     So I had to wade into the rhubarb which is dangerous. Everybody can sometimes end up piling on you.

     The big bad bar remained. How do I get rid of it? If you click on the bar you will be given three choices. One is to get rid of the bar.

     Most times when an inappropriate comment is made people will ignore it. I'm not sure why it wasn't ignored yesterday and why it blew up.

    Today it's all quiet on the Red Deer River Naturalist's face book page.