Wednesday, January 10, 2024


        Back on Dec. 10 posted about a jack rabbit that hadn't turned completely white. I went down a rabbit hole and started to keep track of this animal. 

         It started coming to my yard on a regular basis and I have a photo of each visit. Around visit 8 He/she received the name Spencer. 

        I told you before that jack rabbits make a scrape to sit in during the day. Spencer made a scrape in my raspberry patch. They make sure that their behind is covered so a predator can not see or sneak up on the rabbit. If the rabbit  sees something coming from the front they have escape routes. 

      Spencer stayed in my yard 13 times. Spencer usually came every 3 or 4 days. On Jan. 6 we had snow and Spencer's scrape was covered with snow and Spencer did not return.

       Now I'll give you the first and last photo and you can decide if there was much change in the coat

      They sit in the scrape all day. The occasionally stretch. They also spend a lot of time grooming. Spencer was spooked and left the scrape once but returned 30 min

                        First visit Nov. 25

                   Dec 27 so about the middle of the visit  

                         Last day Spencer visited