Thursday, June 14, 2018


      We've heard Trump's outrageous, illogical, truth bending, incorrect and unfounded comments many times. They do far more harm than good for all concerned.

     Trump made one of his wild comments this week after the G 7 conference. The conference was held in Canada and since I'm a Canadian I was interested in the conference more than usual. Since I'm Canadian, I was offended by Trump's comments.

    The G 7 conferences are tightly controlled and very precise as to what happens. Everybody takes the  same step. All the details are looked after behind the scenes.

    The host chairman is the leader of the host country. In this case the chairman was Prime Minister Trudeau.

    Trump got antsy and decided he had to leave for the North Korean summit but before leaving he had signed what was agreed to at the conference.

    A few hours into Trump's Asian flight he flew into a rage and called Justin Trudeau, weak, a liar and back stabber! Trump claimed that he had not agreed to anything in the conference final statement which he had signed.

    Where did that come from?

    The comments as well as being wrong were most inappropriate. It's okay to have those ideas. However, expressing those opinions is wreckless and isn't going to do any good.

    The comments tell us more about Trump than about problems at the G 7 Summit.

   Could somebody shut this guy up. We don't need to hear such outrageous lunacy anymore.