Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Little Morning Confusion

      About 9:30 this morning the Micro Manager frantically called me to the back of the house. Well, I was stretching and on my back so I don't get up very fast. By the time I got to the back of the house what she was anxious about had disappeared down the street.

     Now what the Micro Manager was in a tizz about, was some guy running in the alley and tight up against the fence. She thought this looked very suspicious and that it was some felon running from his recent job. We saw him again about seven houses down the close. Then he crossed the road into the center of the close and ran across. 

    Well, it didn't take me very many seconds to tell the Micro Manager that the RCMP were out training their dogs. She was very doubtful and far from satisfied with my explanation. Just then two officers came up the alley with a dog that was following close to the fence. I was saved by the action.

    The dog got  down to where the suspect crossed the road and went across the Close. The dog became confused and frustrated at that point and they stopped the session rather than stress the dog.

    Now 20 minutes later, when I left the house the officers were going through my neighbor's back yard with another dog. They crossed my front yard and went that-a-way. Usually when the dog finds the suspect they go nuts and attack. The guy being pursued has a large padding up his arm that  they let the dog attack. The dog is then rewarded for finding the suspect.

    We are about 30 km (18 m) from the main RCMP dog training facility. Quite often they come into the city to train the dogs in an urban setting. The dogs have to concentrate in the city as there are many other scents to sidetrack the dog. So once in awhile I see a truck with a special kennel built  on the back that holds six dogs. The game is to send a suspect out to set up a trail. Give the dog the scent and let the dog follow the scent. Most days the dog finds the suspect. This is the first time I saw a dog fail.

     Now with all this going on did I get a photo ? No. I should ask them to phone me the next time so I can be ready with my camera.