Friday, May 29, 2015

Would a Little Standardization Help? Me?

      I drive a 2014 Honda CRV. It's got lots of bells and whistles. I'll never discover or use half of them. The car gets me where I want to go and that's all I need.

     A few weeks ago I got another ding in the parking lot so this week the CRV was in the body shop to get repaired. Insurance gives me a rental while my vehicle is getting repaired.

    The rental agency really messed things up.  My insurance made arrangements for the rental car. The rental agency was to pick me up at the body shop. They weren't there. The body shop phoned the rental agency and they said they would be there right away. The rental agency phoned a few minutes later to say they were running behind so the body shop took me to the car rental agency. 

     Well the car agency acted as if they'd never heard of me and didn't have a vehicle close to what I wanted.

      The only thing they had was a large pick up. They said we'll phone you as soon as we get something. Of course, they phoned a couple of hours later. 

     I went out to start the truck and go back to the rental agency. I looked at the key! There was no metal part sticking out! How was a supposed to start the truck if there was no metal piece on the key. I puzzled. Finally, I said ah ha. The blunt plastic end is what fits into the slot. Voila! The truck started. I didn't have to embarrass myself and phone the rental agency.

    Now at the agency the truck had been started. When I got home somebody was on my yard. I quickly stopped the truck and got out to talk to the people on the yard. I did not have a chance to notice that this key was different until I got back in to start it..

     Now the next vehicle had just a plastic oval with lock, unlock on it. No key again. This time you had to have the oval plastic thing in the vehicle and put your foot on the brake and push a button to start!

     Now you'd think there could be a little harmonization in this world when it comes to starting vehicles. 

    So is it just me or is there a problem? Should I know how to start every dang vehicle that's out there? Should car companies puzzle their brains to come up with different ways to start vehicles?

    There has to be an easier way. After all, it's not too long before we have cars that drive themselves. Now how will I start the car that drives by itself?