Sunday, February 5, 2017


     On this day of all days of sports I have to tell you that I don't follow sports. Now I'm not going to rain on your party and tell you sports have no value. I completely understand why people like sports. We need something to hold our interest.

    It's just that I have lost all interest in sports. Maybe it's because I don't watch TV? I detest commercials. Commercials really spoil a game. A good old Canadian boy should really like hockey. I haven't watched hockey for years  and was turned off by a certain buffoon of a commentator, Don Cherry. I used to watch the standings for my beloved Edmonton Oilers. Not anymore.

    I liked , followed and attended Canadian football games. My heart bled for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Sorry. I lost interest in Canadian football. 

   I never did get interested in soccer, tennis or baseball. 

   I did play, baseball and football. Other things I tried to play were volleyball, basketball and badminton. I skate and cycle. I ran until I was 71. I Gave spots a good run.

    So on this day of all days in sports I did not get a ton of nibblies and all kinds of other refreshments. In fact, I forgot about the game until I looked at Twitter and found the underdogs ahead by 21 to 3! I've done what I usually do on Sunday afternoons... a few chores, (somebody has to shovel snow), did some reading, had a nap, coffee with the micro manager which can go on for some time. I had lots to do.

    So for those who love sports, keep at it. I know it's enjoyable but not for me!

    How about you? Are you a sport's fan?