Wednesday, January 8, 2020


     Many people do not get to return to a childhood home because people move very often.  The home that I lived in from 8 to 17 is still standing but will be destroyed this spring. The old home has meaning to me and brings back many memories.

     I've lived in my house since 1970. My kids were brought up in the house. We bring back memories when we talk about what happened when the kids still lived here. My son left at age 17 and came back a few times and lived while he was at school. Since that time he has rarely been back.

    A couple of months ago he came back for a day. It was interesting to watch him go through the house. I caught a few unfocused photos of him as he checked out his old room. Now how many of you can go back to your old room?

    So this was his five minute tour.

  This was an age when he had his room the way he wanted it.

    Looking out the window to the once familiar back yard.

   Thinking about what was in that corner when he was a kid!

   The room looked big when he was little but now he fills it.

      My son was small as he was growing. He always said he'd sue God if he didn't grow as tall as Dad. His growth was funny. He grew an inch when he was 21. He's now 6' 1" and as he says getting shorter,

     I enjoyed his visit and lunch even though his visit was short.