Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I Had to Shop Today

     Those who follow me know that I am a reluctant shopper with very few skills  and no desire. Today I had to do the weekly grocery run as my micro manager was quite under the weather.

    The micro manager always has a long list for two stores. Some items on her list are optional. She watches for them to go on sale. 

    When I do any shopping for her I demand a highly detailed list. So brand, size, cost and number are very explicitly written out. Why do I demand this? It comes from the famous toilet paper episode. Toilet paper was on sale and since I was going by the place I was asked to get toilet paper. I was given the specific brand with a x2 beside it. I came home with two cases instead of the two packages she wanted. Nothing on her list said packages. So after that the list had to be very precise.

    I had two places to go today. The first place I bought 3 grocery items and a pharmacy item. So I wrote down prices and consulted my notes before I went to the cashier. Well, my mandarin oranges were keyed in at the wrong price and I had to get that adjusted.

    I needed much more items at the second place. There were two items I could not find and I picked up two others that I knew to be a good deal. I also needed two prescriptions and one was already fouled up as  they only had 100 pills instead of 400. Through  the cashier and check my slip. Oops they keyed in the wrong grapes. So I had to go to customer service and get that corrected. 

    So I arrive home and go over in detail what had happened. The first question was , "Why did you only get one milk?" "Oh, I'll bet I left it in the car!" Sure enough one milk was left in the car. Then another question. Where are the grapes? We couldn't find the grapes and then it slowly dawned on me that when I went to customer service to get the adjustment on grapes that I had left the grapes on the counter. 

    So with all these disasters, who would want to do any shopping? On the other hand if I did more shopping, I'm sure I'd get better at it. Is my micro manager going to delegate the shopping to me? I doubt it!