Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Don't (Can't) Sing

    The other day I listened to an hour long radio documentary about choral singing. They examined four different choirs and the values singers got out of the activity and what others received from the music. It was fascinating and got me thinking about music.

    Now it doesn't take much to get me thinking about music. I love music and I listen to a many different kinds of music. I not only like to listen to music but to listen to information about the music.However , I have absolutely no musical talent at all. I admire people who do have musical ability.

    The first time I remember participating in music was a disaster. In gr. 2 I got kicked out of the rhythm band! My brother and I were playing sticks. Somehow or other we got carried away and started hitting each other with the sticks. I must have been the aggressor and  my music career ended early. I also remember the pleasure of singing in Sunday School 

   So back to the documentary. I got thinking about how singing is so very important to people. People learn much about themselves as they sing. They have to take directions and cooperate with others to produce the music. Each singer has to know their part as well as the other parts. Then they have to sing their part and not the other guy's part. What talent and discipline! Each of the four choirs spent a tremendous amount of time practicing. Each choir had a specific goal. A youth choir got to sing in Carnegie Hall in a mass choir. Were these kids excited!

    I have had the privilege of sitting in a choir and to be surrounded by the music. It was awesome! It's a different sound  you  heard  from being  in the audience. It was "surround sound" that you heard with your body.

    I certainly support the teaching of choral music in schools. For many kids this is their only exposure to choral music. They learn to listen to themselves. In many cases they develop a life long skill and participate in many different areas.

   Many of you are singers. At this time of year you are working on beautiful Christmas music to be presented in the season. So enjoy your time learning the Christmas pieces and I will enjoy listening to you and think of all your hard work to make beautiful music.

   I would be curious as to how many of my readers are singers in some way. Do you sing in a group? Do you sing as you go about your work? Do you sing in the shower? Are you a professional singer?