Wednesday, October 12, 2016


     I intended to post yesterday but I was just too busy. I had a good topic for the "day."  I'll write it and post it today.

     Now I've been known to post about "days." Many times I post about these "days '
because the are just plain silly so a little amusing. Days like national hamburger day is just silly. Mother's day and thanksgiving have more significance and have status and some are statutory holidays.

     Yesterday was one of those days that I consider important. It was International  Day of the Girl. this has been celebrated for five years now.

     Now I have more than just a little interest in this topic.

    I was a middle school teacher for my whole 37 year career. I worked with female colleagues from start to finish. I won't say that I soon learned their equal status because I didn't. It took a few years before I appreciated and understood that equality of opportunity was necessary. Over the years I worked on teams, had female team leaders, and had a female vice principal. There were many female principals in the system but they were in the elementary system.

     Where am I going with this? It's been difficult and challenging for women to not only compete but to be accepted on an equal basis as men as far as professional competence is concerned.

    When I look back on my career, I came up short in advocating for young girls. I found no difficulty to advocate for my female colleagues.

    So yesterday I was happy to see a special day with all kinds of information and support that would help young girls and women be able to be accepted with equality.

    I have a daughter who has challenged the system and done well. She applied for a position and they really wanted a male. She made a complaint to the teachers' organization.

   I'm disappointed that most of the girls that I've been able to follow have landed in positions for work. So some day I hope that women and girls are looked at in the same way as far as work placement and power  is concerned.

Myrna and an award