Thursday, August 3, 2017


      Many people are avid antique collectors. It's a very enjoyable and satisfying hobby.  Some people are very selective and only collect one precise thing such as type of thing such as cars and they only look for one specific kind of car because it's rare. The same procedure goes with all the other antiques that can be collected. some people just collect everything.

     Me? Well, I'm definitely not an antiquer. I may be old and an antique in that way. So far nobody is collecting me. I know I'm worth ten bucks because that's what it cost my dad when I was born.

    However, someone in my house has inherited a couple of things and now she would like to part with them.

    How do you part with an antique? First of all there is an emotional attachment. But these things have to go and that's serious. So how do you get rid of them and get some value out of them. So hit the Internet and big old eBay hogs the space. Well you find some examples and prices. Now I know that it's not the sale price but what you actually get for it.

   Try the local shops. None of them are interested.

   So how do I find someone who wants these articles and is willing to pay something for their worth.

    I have a feeling that I've got much more to learn on this file.

    Wish me luck!