Monday, May 13, 2013

Wall Murals

    I like wall murals. They are like a theme with many details. So you have a painting that covers a vast amount of space or time. All of it is connected together. 

   Now I did a series on sculpture in my city. I like what we have in this city as far as sculpture is concerned.

   Unfortunately when it comes to murals we are lacking in number and quality. With the sculpture there must have been very careful guidelines. The murals seem to lack anything that stands out and jumps at you.

   I found three murals and I know there is a fourth. That's not many murals. I found the fourth mural the other day but I didn't get a photo.

This mural is about 50 ft. long and is ceramic.  This one really moves. It's on the north side of the swimming pool and I did not choose a good time to photograph it.

This is about 8 x 12 and was done on separate material and attached to a wall.

This one's kind of funky and put directly on to the brick wall.

This one is about 12 x 24 and also put on separate material and attached to a wall.