Thursday, May 6, 2021


       I am Canadian but I have never seen Niagara Falls which is 3549 km away from me. I've been to Ontario where the falls are located. I've spent 10 days in Ottawa but never got to the falls. 

      However, I'm not sad about this situation. When I was scanning slides I found photos of Alexandra and Louise falls. These falls are on the Hay River in the northwest territories. They are only a few miles apart. Louise Falls is 15 m or 48 ft.  Alexandra falls drop 32 m or 105 feet. 

Louise Falls

Alexandra Falls

Alexandra Falls

     You've never heard of these falls? They are remote so very few people have heard of them and fewer people have seen them.

     I saw these falls in Aug of 1964. I caught a ride with a friend when I was going back to Inuvik. The highway had just been opened in 1963. The falls were just off the highway. It was 4:00 Am and we'd been driving for 24 hours, what a treat to stop and see the falls. It was fairly light at that time in the morning but my slide is in poor condition. 

   It's too bad that so few people see these falls.