Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Ugliness Of Political Name Calling.

       Be it resolved that all politicians be prevented from name calling, and making any other untrue statements or depictions as in cartoons or photoshopping.

      Okay that's a rather rambling pie in the sky kind of resolution.

     I saw a cartoon on facebook that got me thinking about the issue of politicians slinging mud at each other.

     Now at the risk of roiling up one of my "rellies"
I will describe what I saw.

     The cartoon was produced around April 1. It showed our Prime Minister and April Fool written over him. This cartoon wasn't one of the more obnoxious ones but I thought , "How small does one have to be to create something insulting." Of course, the idea was to insult. 

     Political parties or their agents produce a steady stream of this crap. They put it out there and people copy it on their facebook page and in so doing the idea is promoted and distributed for free whether it is right or wrong. We are promoting this nonsense when we put it on our facebook page. If they didn't have free publicity there might be less negativity.

    Now the defence for the cartoon is that the Prime Minister's party does the same thing and started it. That's may true, but it's not a reason to carry on. No political party should indulge in such immature behaviour. School boys use the same excuse to keep wailing on each other. "He hit me first!" You have to separate them and send them packing in opposite directions and they forget about it in a few seconds. It's too bad we could not separate our politicians and send them in different directions for them to cool off.

    Just think how nice the world would be if we didn't have these buffoons calling each other names.
We might get something done in our country.