Monday, April 29, 2019


     Sometimes my face book friends turn out to be much different from what I think. I've had two friends who I knew a long time ago turn out to be complete wackos...racist, anti LGBTQ, white supremacist

     I accepted a friend a couple of years ago who I haven't seen for about 25 years. I taught with the guy but not in the same school. He taught my kids and I taught his kids. We went to the same church. We were both on the executive of our teacher group. We knew each other very well.

   Now he had a big ego which could be ignored. He was lazy. He was opinionated.

    Now nothing prepared me for what I would see on his face book page. For a few days he will have ten to fifteen racist posts as in we will get Islamic law. Then he doesn't post for a week. Then you see something about white people and how wonderful the are. Then a political post where information is completely twisted. He gets all of these posts from a wacky source that turns them out.

    Now I don't wish to see any of this stuff. Yes, I know...unfriend him.

    But I wonder what makes people turn to the extremes of politics and life. What has happened to them?

    However, before I unfriend him I would like him to get the message that many don't like the garbage he posts. I don't think we should let these people spout off and go on and feel as if people agree with them. We have to express our disagreement to negative , hateful, untruthful twisted ideas.