Wednesday, October 30, 2013

" Good bye to you my trusted friend..."

       In 1976 we bought a small, completely forested recreational property at a lake. The plan was to build a small seasonal residence(cabin) and that this would be our refuge from a city.

      We were shocked one time when a cow bawled and my son said , "I think I heard a bear." We knew it was time to get out of town for part of the year.

      We made a start on the dream but the main part of the dream never happened. As a young family we spent a lot of time at the property. It was quiet. There was a beach and sand that kids love to play in. Canoeing was easy and safe. Although the kids were very young they had free range in the area. There were very few people in the development at that time and those who were there  were good neighbors. We had the run of nearby land which was mainly forest. Much time was spent wondering through the bush. There were many berries we could pick on the neighboring property.

      We built a small garage which was going to be used while the cabin was being built. We put in a propane stove and fridge. This served as a kitchen living room. It was comfy. A small trailer served as a bedroom. 

     The kids left and less time was spent at the lake. Then it got down to just going out to do maintenance and cut grass. Finally, I decided that it was time to part with the property.

     So the property is in the process of being sold. It's time to say good bye to a good old friend.. 

Front of lot lined with spruce trees that I wish I'd never planted

Walking path to the lake which you can see at the end of the trail.

The lil' old garage.

The trusty old propane stove.
Fun times in the old canoe.

Good bye