Friday, May 5, 2017


     For those of you who follow me , you will know that from time to time I find a special day that is odd , weird or highly commercial. For some reason the day has been sanctioned as suitable for celebration.

    So a few days ago I saw a post on face book about National Susan Day. This really caught my attention so off I went to see what Mr google would say. Mr Google said nothing. I changed my search words. Nothing! I went back the the Face book post. 

     Then I thought well, is there a Keith Day. No such luck but you find all the "Keith Days" in the world.

   This puzzled me. 

   I looked at the Face book post again. It looked like a chain letter. If your name was Susan ,you were supposed to pass this on to someone named Susan. 

   Well, I suppose it was a neat idea for all the people named Susan to celebrate their name and have some fun..

   Now when I see my friend Susan, I'll have to ask her what's going on.