Thursday, June 15, 2023


       This last while I have been dissatisfied with my photos. They seem to be a bit fuzzy and out of focus. I've been in a hurry and I haven't stopped to check things out.     

      I was beginning to think that I might need a new camera. My camera is about 5 or 6 years old and is a Nikon L830 which is  lower end camera. But then, I'm a lower end photographer. So finally , I found some time and went out in the back yard to do some testing. I suspicioned that there might be some shake from me so I propped myself up a bit. I found that I could still get a reasonable photo from the camera. I also found that I had to take more time and be more precise with focusing. 

      And on to another issue. You've been looking at this photo for a long time. How long? Since Oct. of 2014. So nine years ago. Do we update our photos or leave them at a younger age? If I look at this photo long enough will it be imprinted on my brain and I will think that I'm this age? 

      Well, okay how about an update?

     Well, I've decided that there must be something wrong with my camera after all!