Tuesday, June 12, 2018


     Our small city has a few murals. As with all murals some are good some are bad and a lot are in between. 

    I have been looking at one of these murals for five years or more. I can see it from a parking lot that I use when I wait for the micro manager to do some business. Usually  I forget to take my camera. Sometimes it's too cold or wet or poor light! What a long list of poor excuses. When I'm in this parking lot I'm parked illegally to some extent. The parking lot is provided by the business so it wouldn't be cool to park and then walk away to take photos.

     Well, the other day I did get my act together. 

     This mural is rather small and is at the end of an alley. It's kind of roughly done but you are drawn to the rather wild expression. 

    Now I thought there might be another mural two or three doors up the alley so I continued. Yes there was another mural on the back of an old hotel that has been remodeled to provide housing to homeless who qualify. This mural had a much more complex idea.

    On my way back from photographing the second mural I found a third mural that was on  a wall beside the first one. You can see the first mural on the right.Again it is rather simple. 

     So here you are. I got three murals in one day.

     The area has a large homeless population as some of their friends have accommodation so there is visiting.

     I know there are more murals in the city. I just have to find them and get over all my weak excuses.