Sunday, November 3, 2013

What a Blast!

     We had a very serious introduction to winter here this weekend. Light snow started falling about 10:00 AM Sat.  By 3:00 PM heavy wet snow was falling. We came home around 4 and shoveled before we went in the house. We shoveled again about 6:30 PM. I should have shoveled about 8 or 9. It snowed very heavily all night. Sun morning I started shoveling the wet snow. It was brutal. A neighbor across the street rescued me when he brought his snow blower over and  finished the job for me.

    We got about 30 cm (12 in.) of snow. For us that us a major snow fall. Most of our snowfalls are an inch or two.

    So we are ready for a white Christmas!

The tree is the same. The photo on the bottom was taken at night and the one on the top in the day.

Lilac at night full of snow.

My little birch with street light glare behind it.

There's a mugo pine under there!

Snow sculpture on the side of a car.

A heavily loaded bird feeder.

A huge spruce branch across the alley
    So this storm was a real blast! Usually I send my snow to Minnesota to Far Side of Fifty. This time it's not going to Minnesota as it seems to die out around the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.

     Oh, I didn't learn anything about taking pictures of snow at the night. I did get some snowflakes!