Friday, May 8, 2020


    Don't you hate it when you have a container and you can't get all of the material out?

    I was reminded of that this morning. My nutella was just about gone. I took a scraper to get most of the nutella out. Well the bottom was such a funny shape that lots of nutella was left in the jar. I know that the nutella jar has a large flat side so that the name can be large and recognizable, but  why did the bottom have to have a weird shape.

Nutella Spread 1 kg, 2-count

   Another container that I really dislike is a jar of applesauce. The sides of the jar are ridged. No matter how hard you try, much applesauce is left in the container.

    Why can't somebody design a jar that would make it very easy to get all the material out?

   How about you. Is not being able to easily get out the last material a concern or does it just not matter?