Sunday, February 26, 2017


    Did you ever get a problem where you worked for hours trying to set things up but couldn't find a solution.

    That's what happened to me today. I told you about my 150 species count. As usual , I get a good idea but I don't think it through to the end. I knew I wanted to set  up a list that would show all birds spotted, the spotter, location and date.

    Now some people would say that's easy and I'm sure it is. They would say set up one of those little boxy squary things and away you go. I've never learned how to use that handy dandy program.

    So I tried about 4 or 5 things and found out they wouldn't work. Put the list on my word processor and transfer to face book. It doesn't work. I wanted to pin the list to the face book page so that it was obvious and people could see the additions. The face book page is too narrow.

    Finally, during supper, I said I'll bet the blog would work. So I've worked another hour and yes, the blog does work.

    You won't see it on this blog but on Natural Wise.

    So now I feel much more relaxed and when I get all the reported birds typed in I will be happy.

    So go over  to Natural Wise and have a look at the list.

   Do you ever get a problem that is so difficult that your head hurts?