Saturday, June 28, 2014

Surprise Video

      The other day, driving through the mountains, my wife must have become completely bored or awed by the scenery. My wife decided that to take some photos while we were driving would be a good idea.

     Now let's back up a bit. My wife doesn't do anything digital. She's used the camera a couple of times with my directions. Each time she uses the camera, it's how do I turn this thing on? And what do I press to take a picture?

   As I was driving , I couldn't offer her much assistance. She got the camera turned on. Then , "I can only see a picture!" How do I gt it to take a picture. I realized the camera was on playback images so had to tell her to slide the bar to the left to get to take pictures. She couldn't find take pictures.

    Finally I realized she was on video. So that's alright just slide the bar  a little further left. "Oh now I've got it!" she says. She then took a few photos as we were driving in the car.

   Well, two or three photos and that was enough for her.

   When I got home and downloaded the photos, I noticed a video. Yes she did press take a photo. So I have a very surprising and poor video. There's the back end of a semi stuck in front of me , but the trees are really zooming along at the side of the road and there's a good view of the dash of the car. 

    Now I've never loaded a video on my blog. I'm not sure I did the right thing. so feel free to give me some advice.