Friday, November 1, 2013

What a Rotten Day!

     Ordinarily I'm a fairly low key , laid back kind of guy. My glass is always half full. It takes a lot to happen before I complain.

     Today was a day that just went a little too far. The day was a failure!  I now have some problems  to solve later on.

      This afternoon was nice , but the forecast for tomorrow is terrible. We're supposed to get lots of snow. So I really wanted to get these jobs done. Needless to say I was under a little bit of pressure. I did have the time to do what I wanted.

    Most people here try to mow their lawn one last time as late in the season as possible. The main purpose for this mowing is to pick up the few leaves that are left and they are mulched by the mower. You also let the engine run out of gas so that no gas is left in the tank over the winter. .I had some fine days last week when this job could have been done but I was busy. I got my lawn mower out before noon and put it in the sun so it would warm up. When I came out to start it after lunch  I gave a few pulls on the starter cord and all of a sudden the cord did not rewind. End of story. I can't get my mower to go. No emptying of the gas tank this year. Put the mower away and I'll fix this in the spring.

    The next job was to test the antifreeze in the vehicles to see if it is the proper strength. You have to take the radiator caps off, run the engine and warm it up. I tested the first car and went to shut the motor off. When I came back the radiator had made a great burp and about 1.5 liters of antifreeze had spilled out of the radiator. Okay now wipe everything off. Try and wipe as much antifreeze up . Then get the garden hoses and wash off the area. Oh, did I say that I'd put the hoses away for the winter! Or did I say that I'd turned off my outside water outlet. So what a mess and a lot of work for what should have been a simple task. 

   So by this time most of the afternoon is gone. I am just about out of control. I hadn't had time for coffee.

   So to write this post is good therapy for me to get back my sense of  reason.