Friday, May 12, 2017


      I have heard this saying for  long time and didn't put much weight to it. I have always known half my councillors on a first name basis and the mayors for the last 20 years on a first name basis. Listening to mayors and councillors I always had the view that city council was positive and helpful. I have served on city boards and knew my way around city government.

     Well, things changed recently. I had the opportunity to fight City hall and I lost.

     A few weeks ago I attempted to pull into the bank parking lot which is at the back of the bank. There was one spot left and it was a tight one. Well, it was raining so I wanted a convenient parking place. In attempting to squeeze into the parking stall  I heard that dreaded scrape noise. I knew I had scratched the side of my car or more. 

    What I had scraped my car on was a huge garbage some places known as a garbage bin. Well after a major cussing session, I sadly went home.

    After thinking things over I thought, you know the dumpster is in the wrong place. Aha! I'll ding the city on this one and get them to pay for my damages. 

    You don't really know where to start your fight. We checked the Waste management dept. They would send out an inspector who promptly got everything wrong. Up the ladder a bit and the guy claimed that even if the the dumpster was in the wrong place it was my responsibility to not drive into it. This sounded nuts to me. I also noticed how each official covered the other guy's back. They did contradict each other from time to time. They were plain dumb at times. At times I thought they were not telling the truth.

    So I harassed some more people trying to see how far wrong the dumpster was out of place. I kept getting the line that it was my responsibility to not run into the dumpster even if it was in the wrong place. I thought the idea of hitting something in the wrong place was ridiculous. It didn't sound like common sense.

     I checked further and phoned the police. They confirmed that indeed a driver should not hit a stationary object even if it was in the wrong place.

    So Monday I'm going to have to concede to  City Hall that indeed, they are right.

    How about you? Have you had the opportunity to fight city hall. 

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