Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Our New Government Took Power Today

     Our new prime minister and cabinet were sworn in today in a very different but moving ceremony. 

     I listened to the whole event. I cannot  ever remember hearing the swearing in ceremony for the Prime Minister and his cabinet. Usually the swearing in ceremony is closed to the public and very private. The emphasis on this event was to be open in a public way. The Prime Minister and cabinet walked up the driveway to Rideau Hall rather than being dropped off by limousines. People lined the driveway and cheered.

     Now there were several times I was moved to tears. A 12 year old aboriginal boy drummer led this group into the hall. Three metis children lead the Prime Minister and cabinet out by jigging. I was touched by the prominence given to the aboriginal people. Eleven members of the new government are aboriginal and two of them are in the cabinet. It's important to include everybody in our country.

     I know it doesn't make sense but I am moved by the son of a former Prime Minister becoming the Prime Minister. It's the first time in this country that we have a Prime Minister who is the son of a former Prime Minister.

     The cabinet selection was interesting. Half the cabinet is female. Many visible minorities are in cabinet to reflect the make up of our country.  Only here could an Afghani immigrant girl grow up to become a member of the federal government cabinet! It makes me proud that visible minorities were able to take a strong leadership position.

    When the swearing in ceremony was over the new Prime Minister and his cabinet came out and were cheered by the crowd. The cabinet and Prime Minister mixed in with the crowd for a few minutes. Again it showed a willingness to meet and communicate with the people.

    I hope that this new government will continue to communicate with the public in a very effective way. We need to be able to tell them what we think between elections rather than just at election time.