Thursday, February 13, 2020


      I like listening to music. There's very little music I don't like. After that all bets are off. Some music I like a lot and some not so much. I don't listen to Rap or modern country. So when I go through You Tube I will take a listen to things I've never heard before.

      I spend time on You Tube looking for good things to listen to. This week I spent a lot of time searching on You Tube for videos to  go along with my posts.

     Well, I did have time to look for music. I wanted to find some bands like Billy  Vaughn, Ray Conif, Bert Kaempfert  James Last and anything else that would crop up.  I liked listening to these  bands when they were popular.

    Well wouldn't you know it. I bumbled into a very entertaining band that  I'd never heard  before. It plays typical band music in a very entertaining fashion. It's energetic and very entertaining to watch. Go and have a listen to it. I'm sure you'll like it.

     Then there were rock groups that were only vocals. I can't even remember one name. So I have something else to look for when I've got some time.