Friday, February 28, 2014

My Winter is Still Very Healthy

      I have noticed that a few bloggers are talking about spring. Some places it's warming up and green grass is making an appearance. Others report moderating temperatures. And some bloggers are extremely tired of winter and just plain fed up. You can pick your category.

     We have had a long and brutal winter. Our winter started in early November with heavy snow. (60 cm). December brought more snow 50 cm (36 in) and cold temperatures. We had a beak in January and had a thaw and long mild spell. February has just been one long cold spell with no break in sight. Yes sir, not even a hint of spring here.

     Today we had a daytime temperature of minus 20 C (-7 F)with a northeast wind of 20 kmh. This evening it is minus 26 C ( -15 F) with a wind chill of minus 37C (-23 F) . Our low tonight will be minus 38 C (-24 F)  with a windchill of minus 52 C (- 33 F). High tomorrow will be minus 25.

    The record low for this date is minus 35 C (- 23 F) set in 1962 and the record high was plus 14 C (+9 F) set in 1986. 

    On the positive side the sun rises at 7:23 AM tomorrow and sets at 6:13 PM. We get 10 hours and 50 minutes of sun tomorrow. 

    So winter still has a strong icy grasp on us right now. The seven day forecast doesn't show much relief.

    So we just have to sit tight knowing that spring will definitely come and be most welcome. 

    On the other hand there is something worse than the weather. I spent 6 hours in the mall shopping with my micro manager and that wasn't fun! Also one of my brothers is sitting in Phoenix and laughing his head off!!

   So to the people getting spring enjoy it. I appreciate your photos as it keeps me hopeful about spring.

    Does the weather bother you or do you roll with the punches?