Saturday, June 7, 2014

And I Still Hate Garage Sales

        For the last two days I have been running a garage sale at my place. I have written before about my dislike of garage sales.

       The event actually covers much more than two days. Sorting has been going on for the last two years. In the basement things have been laid aside to go on a garage sale. Then everything had to be priced.

       So all the boxes were brought up from the basement. The first weekend the sale was scrubbed by the weather. It was rainy. This weekend the weather looked like it was good to go so everything was moved outdoors and the sale started at 1:00 PM . Things were very slow. Not many people were doing the garage sale thing.

      Since I don't have a garage, only a carport, I have to be careful with the weather or all my treasures could get wet. We covered the tables with plastic and a tarp. Other things were just put in the backyard. The forecast was for a very pleasant night.

Some of the treasures laid out for sale

More junk

Anybody want chairs?
  At 1:08 AM there was a big flash in my eyes. I jumped up and wondered what was the matter with my eyes. I gave my head a shake or two and nothing fell off. Then there was a loud peal of thunder directly overhead. That was a bad thing! So that explained the flash in my eyes. That was a good thing. So surprise ,surprise there was a thunderstorm. In fact, there were two thunderstorms. Thunderstorms occurred even though there was nothing in the forecast. So some of my treasures did get wet.

      So the garage sale marathon finally ended. Articles were sorted again. Some things would go in the garbage. Some things would go to a charity store. And some things went back in the house for another day when we have  garage sale.

      I'm looking ahead with dread to the next garage sale! Do any of you hate garage sales?