Friday, June 19, 2020


     I found out the other day how complicated things have become because of covid 19. I organized my bird watching group and found out that there were many hoops to jump through.

     Ordinarily I make up a schedule and publicize it and away we go.   Bird watching is an activity  organized under the Red Deer River Naturalists (RDRN) . This is a registered society and we must have insurance. Check the website to see where we're going. I also have a contact list and they receive an email with all the information. It's also posted on our facebook page.

     So I'm on automatic pilot with this activity.

     So the other day I sent out the schedule. Very soon after someone asked , "Well  what are the regulations regarding covid 19 for an outside group?" I had intended to look. Before I had a chance to look one of my fellow birders had all the info for stage II and the virus.

     I was surprised to find out that there were 10 questions that had to be asked of each birder. Much of this had to be recorded in order to trace contacts in case someone had the virus. We decided that we had to have some way of asking for the information and recording it. Since I described the type of organization RDRN is we had to follow the rules.

    Now when you look around it doesn't look like many people are following rules. Very few people wear masks here. I went to restaurant and all staff were wearing masks. I visited the same restaurant a week later and none of them were wearing masks.

    So I have to wonder how serious we are in our stage II of opening up after covid?

    At my age I will not be birding with a group because of the virus . They will do fine without me.