Sunday, March 12, 2017


    With my title I've probably made at least 50% of my readers angry.

     Changing time twice in a year always brings about discussion on both sides of the issue. Some of it heated. Most of the negative comments come in the spring when we spring forward and lose and hour of our sleep. We don't hear so much complaining in the fall when we get an extra hour to sleep in.

    The comments I've heard this spring have more substance than just complaining. People are asking why do we change. People have been following blindly without thinking about the reason for time changes...if there is one. Why do we change time? Who started the time change ? When did it start? Here people blame the farmers for the change. Farmers are the biggest complainers about time change.

    So now people are saying, "Do we really need to change time?"  The next question is but which time should we stay on? The hour ahead or the standard time. This is really when the choices are divided. There are good reasons for staying on standard time for the whole year and good reasons for staying on daylight saving time. The the term daylight saving time is a stretch. We are not saving time. There's still 24 hours in the day.

     Ask shift workers about the change twice a year.

    One place I know. Saskatchewan, Stays on standard time all year and has done so  for many years.

    I would like to see us go in the middle of standard time and daylight saving time. 

    Anybody with me?