Monday, November 12, 2018


     I came home from birding about 3:30 Sat. afternoon.  As I entered  the house I sensed that the Micro Manger was in the basement.  I was unloading my back pack and putting birdy things back like my field glasses.

    I thought I heard something different like a screech. It happened again. The third time I realized that the micro manager was calling me. Instantly, I was on high alert and went downstairs two steps at a time. This sounded serious.

    I found the Micro Manager behind the washer with towels trying to stem the flow of suds. At first, I thought she was mopping up water.

    She was finally able to tell me that soap suds were coming out at the back of the washer. As her panic lessened she told me that she was running the washer on a special cycle that would clean the washer. It was cleaning the washer alright. Massive amounts of soap suds were forming. This special cycle would clean out soap residues. It was doing a great job. Soap suds were coming out of the washer drum from somewhere.

    As calmness was returning, she told me that she had never run this cycle before. She had always been cautious with the amount of soap she used for the washes. She always used less than the recommended amount of soap.

   So the micro Manager was very surprised at the amount of suds and therefor the amount of soap left as residue in the washer. She ran the cycle over again and also had a huge build up of suds. She has had this washer for close to ten years and never run this cycle.

   I guess after this she will run the cleaning cycle more often. As you can see it's one of the washers with all kinds of gadgets and options.

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