Friday, January 14, 2022


       Jan. 6 came and went. There was worry and fear as to what could happen on this day. Fortunately, the day passed quietly. I hope that it means that there will be a change which will bring about some progress that the government will start to be concerned about the people who elected them. 

       When one looks back it's hard to believe that such dangerous and scary things could happen. It was unimaginable at that time to think that the Capital could be attacked. Looking back you see that many people were more than willing to lie and that more people again were willing to believe lies. 

     I hope that as we get further away from Jan. 6 some sanity will return.

     The United states has drifted into problems before and as a country they have gathered together and worked things out. I hope the same thing happens again.

     I had to call my roofer a few days ago. He's an amiable and pleasant fellow. We got on to Covid and government. He has been pulled into all kinds of conspiracy theories. It's hard to discuss things with him as he plays fast and loose with the truth. He doesn't listen to reason. He has his own rules for making deductions. He thinks that government and big business is ripping us off so he just doesn't want a different political party in power. He wants a different government. So when some of the loonies start saying that changes can be made he is ready to follow and does not consider what negative could go along with his choice. 

    Some days I feel hopeful about society keeping on a sensible path and other days I'm worried.

     Have we learned any lessons? Can we change?