Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Has Sorta Come

        When I started Hiawatha House I did not intend to write very much about weather. This will be my eighth post this month about weather. I've joked about spring coming. I've whined about lots of snow. There's been lots to post about weather for the month of March. It's not been normal weather. It's just been awful!
        We have now had two days of temperatures above freezing. Yesterday it got to plus 2 C (35 F) Yippee!! Today it got to plus 7 C (43 F) so there was some snow melting. Alas, tomorrow it will be cooler and won't be above freezing and maybe some snow!!

         This March we have had about 30 cm (12 in ) of snow. It's been cloudy for days on end. That's how we got the 30 cm of snow. It's been quite cold with lows of around minus 15 C and highs of 7 C. We've had wind day after day and blowing snow. This is normal winter weather. We can get warm weather in March and many times our snow totally disappears by mid March. Last year and many other years I was riding my bicycle by mid March as the roads were dry. I bravely posted a few weeks ago that I had skied my last ski on winter snow. I was wrong. We still had winter skiing conditions on Sunday Mar. 27.

      Spring will be interesting and messy. There is lots of snow to melt. If it melts quickly, there will be lots of running water. I did see swans fly over this afternoon.
     I will be very ready for some above normal spring weather and I hope I don't have a reason to do a post on weather for quite a while.