Saturday, February 17, 2018


      Mass shootings are absolutely mind numbing. It's just impossible to understand.

      How can some coward blow away another human being let alone 17 young people.

      The gun issue always comes to the fore after a major shooting and then quickly loses steam as a discussion  topic.

      I can't imagine the horror that went on in that school.  My heart goes out to all those who've had losses.

      However, I think there's much more that has to happen along with major gun legislation.

      There are too many major divisions in North American society. There are major religious differences that separate people and cause friction. There are many Christian denominations and some of them fight openly. They don't like each other.

     There are racial divisions. Dozens of divisions which bring about all kinds of racial prejudice. Various groups are discriminated against.

     There are major economic divisions.  These divisions are becoming wider and wider. The poor and middle class have been exploited.

     What's the matter with good old unity where we work together for the good of all?

     Frustration grows up within marginalized groups. Marginalized groups feel that they are discriminated against.

      At some time people have to mix with others and get to know them. There's too much pressure from smaller groups who want  their specific agenda pushed forward whether others want it or not.

     So there are many reasons for anger. First, I would like to see major gun legislation but after that we have to change some basic parts of society. We have to work together for some common good. There are many different ways to live together rather than fight each other. Get to know the other guys. Some of the differences would seem very small and not worthwhile thinking about.