Tuesday, February 14, 2023


       I just got off messenger from talking to the birthday boy. 

        It's not everybody who has a sibling or relative with a Valentine's day birthday.

       I was 15 when D was born.

       There wasn't supposed to be another child in the family. As many of you know we had an eleven year old sister who passed away. Mom and Dad were completely devastated. Mom's family physician  recommended that she have another baby to replace this lost daughter. 

      Well surprise surprise. The new baby was a boy. At that time they were very happy to have a baby boy.

     D was the perfect child for that situation. There were ten years between D and his next brother. He was really a one child family. He was the ideal child for grieving parents and an only child. D was amiable( still is) pleasant and able to get along with adults . Of course, adults liked him. His brothers loved him too. 

     Conditions were severe at that time. Dad took Mom to a small hospital about 25 miles away two weeks before her due date. On the way , the little Studebaker did a 360 on the icy road. The month of February that year was very, very cold. It was a few days before the new baby got home.

      Unfortunately I left home when D was 2 1/2 years old so missed a lot of his growing up.

      So one hour of reminiscing went by in a hurry. 

     So D's birthday is always special.